Promoting evidence-based policy making
Based in Washington, DC, we know a thing or two about advocacy. Video can be a powerful tool for mobilizing people to take action, and advocacy and outreach campaigns also have an important role in keeping audiences informed and engaged. Science is a cause that we will always rally behind, and we can help you create thoughtful and inspiring video content for your next campaign.
The International Coral Reef Initiative

Climate Change and Sustainability Storytelling

Shot in Kenya, we show how a new ICRI/UN program encourages villages to protect and expand the mangrove forests. This increases the quality of life for the villagers as the mangroves improve the quality of the water, protect the fish hatcheries and safeguard the coastline.

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)

Powerful Storytelling to Power Advocacy

In this video, two parents share the story of how opiate-laced "unwashed" poppy seeds led to the death of their son Stephen. Some online retailers market poppy seeds as “unwashed” or “unprocessed,” to convey that they have high levels of opiates to consumers who brew poppy seed tea. But opiate contamination levels vary widely, putting those who drink the tea at increased risk of accidental overdose and other health consequences. CSPI used the video to lobby the FDA to regulate these drugs.