Entertain while you educate
Sometimes scientific concepts and ideas can be a little tricky to explain with text and images alone. Video can be a great way to walk your audience through a technical or complicated subject. We are experts at distilling big, complicated concepts into simple-to-understand language that will help guide and educate your viewers. Plus, we believe science is for everyone. Making science more accessible to audiences is a core part of our mission. Explainer videos can be an effective, entertaining, and fun way to communicate science. Let us help you explain your next big idea!
The National Women’s Health Network

Online Petition Campaign Video

The National Women’s Health Network, along with a diverse coalition of over 80 health, science, and consumer organizations, organized a campaign to put pressure on the FDA to lift medically unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone, despite its proven safety record. We created this video to help communicate the coalition’s message and drive viewers to their change.org petition. The video was designed with bold, eye-catching graphics, and written to inform viewers about this important healthcare access issue.